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50ml E-LIQUID BUNDLES; We’ve added more stock than you could possibly imagine to our shelves! What’s more is, we’ve decided to sell this stock in bundles, so that you get more liquid for a lower price! Covering a large portion of the flavour sphere, you are sure to find your favourite, as well as a new favourite e-liquid, in this treasure chest!


All bundles are sold at the fixed price of £23.99, with an option of adding 3 nicotine shots to your purchase at the price of £29.96.

Single Unit

If a bundle isn’t for you and you’re just looking for that one specific liquid, you still have the opportunity to benefit from these deals! Any of the qualifying liquids can be bought as a single unit for £9.99, and a nicotine shot can be added for an extra £1.99.

Bundle 1

Bundle 1 enables you to choose ANY 3 of the stated e-liquids. This choice is all yours!

Bundle 2

The second bundle includes some of your favourite candies as a kid; Parma Violets, Whack and Rainbow Candy! A nostalgic yet pleasant vape!

Bundle 3

The third bundle is comprised of some of the best menthol flavours in the vaping world; Ice Mint, HeizenBlue and Purple Crunch. Refreshing, smooth and better yet, 3 flavours instead of 1!

E-Liquids pertaining to the bundles;

  • Purple Crunch – Green Apple & Blackberry
  • Whack – Raspberry & Sherbet
  • Sugar Rush – Fizzy Grape Sours
  • Parma Violets – Traditional Lavender Sweets
  • Ice Mint – Super Cooled Menthol
  • Sugar Rush – Irn Bru Bon Bons
  • HeizenBlue – Berry, Menthol & Aniseed
  • Rainbow Candy – Mixed Candy
  • Sugar Rush – Pink Lemonade Chews
  • Golden Tobacco – Golden Rolling Tobacco
  • Apache Vape: Crazy Horse – Strawberry & Lime Cidar
  • Sugar Rush – Raspberry Chews
  • Apache Vape: Red Cloud – Caramalised Apple Pie & Cinnamon
  • Apache Vape: Pink Lemonade
  • Sugar Rush – Strawberry Rhubarb Jellies
  • Sugar Rush – Vimto Bon Bons
  • Blue Crush – Blue Raspberry Crush
  • Sugar Rush – Watermelon Raspberry Sours
  • Custard Cream – Vanilla Custard


  • Not applicable to persons under the age of 18.
  • Keep out of reach of animals and children.
  • For further information, kindly contact us.


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