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CBD and Terpene E-Liquid Sale

CBD and Terpene varieties are fast becoming the pace of every day life, even in the medical industry. CBD E-liquid & terpene varieties are also starting to shine like a great pulsing sun within the vape industry too.

CBD and Terpene‘s are Fastly showing the better side of vaping when compared to just nicotine which by all accounts, lets face it, is just a poison.

Personally, I find, that most of the psychosomatic addiction associated with the craving of nicotine is simply an illusion, where as CBD does seem to do, vape style, what we believe nicotine to do. Its just that we have used it in our diets for that long and had it associated with the “cool” guy in films, we have grown to accept its contribution to our way of living.

Why not try some of our different CBD and Teprene varieties from some very reputeable brands and take advantage of our Buy 3 Get 1 Free!!

Do your body, brain and lungs a favour today, Bless them with some CBD and terpene’s and see what you think of these calming, isolated, flavoursome Cannabinoid blends.


CBD and Terpene          Harmony CBD & Terpenes mix

CBD VG 30ml BottlesCBD and Terpene

We have terpenes from Harmony and E-NJoint, CBD E-liquid ranging from 25mg to 600mg and from 10ml to 30ml bottles, from brands such as Harmony, Satijah, CBD VG, CBDeala, Cibiday and many more. Whilst your about why not checkout our Pura Vida section, taking CBD so much further than just Vape.

Harmony CBD and Terpene                                                                               CBD VG 30ml CBD and Terpene

Buy 3 get 1 free: – (Example: buy 3 x 100mg, get 1 extra 100mg free; buy 2 x 200mg & 1 x 100mg, get 100mg for free; buy 2 x 100mg and 1 x50mg get 50mg for free)

ideala, CBD E-Liquid Sale

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