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Because we provide a wide range of products and services, especially those that are relevant and up-and-coming in the health and vaping world, we would like to create a relaxed and comfortable environment that enables our customers to take ten and have a chat about products that are best suited to their needs. Therefore, we have introduced a Costa coffee station for our customers to enjoy a cuppa while we provide advice and direction on products suitable to your needs!

If you’re;

  • Putting the cigarettes down to convert to vaping
  • Suffering from aches, pains, anxiety, stress etc. And would like more information on how CBD could benefit you and how it is used
  • Wanting more information on nutritional supplements to be used in conjuction with your exercise regimen

Come down and have a cup of Costa coffee for a pleasant and imformative chat! Cappuccino, Americano, Latte… Take your pick! We aim to aid our customers on their journey to a healthier lifestyle, so what ever your needs, goals and aspirations, we are here to help start your journey! Education, guidance and a bit of banter is key!

Please note

  • A minimum of £6.00 needs to be spent to qualify if you’re a paying customer. If you’re a non-paying customer and you’d still like a cuppa, a coffee can be bought for £2.00.



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