Don’t Be Shortfall’D By The ShortFill’S

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3 x 50ML SHORTFILLS FOR £29.00

Don’t Be Shortfall’D By The ShortFill’S; Take advantage of this brilliant offer waiting just for you! With the average retail value ranging between £12.99 and £14.99 for a 50ml shortfill, you’ll receive 150ml e-liquid for £29.00 with this winner of a deal! Who doesn’t love more liquid in their tank AND more change in their pocket? No one. That’s who.

This offer is valid for ONE WEEK only! So make sure you come on down and get the most out of your money and your e-liquid! We’ve got your back.

Please note that these products contain absolutely no nicotine (0mg).
Separate 18mg nicotine shots available for purchase.


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