Flavours Flavours Flavours

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Flavours Flavours Flavours

Hungry for variety and spoilt for choice, we have an array of the best E-liquids you can find. From flavours for those with a sweet tooth, to those that enjoy a variety of mentol or even plain tabacco, we have the product for you. Flavours, flavours, flavours… I’ts all about the flavours, man! A quick guide on a few favourites that are guaranteed to leave your mouth watering!

Love Slush: Lemon & Lime, Grape, Cherry.


  • Lemon & Lime: A refreshingly familiar and sweet blend of lemon and lime, reminiscent of lemonade stands way back when, but better.
  • Cherry: The ultimate favourite for many vapers, old-school Cherry Slush! What could be more tantilising and promising than this nostalgic e-liquid?
  • Grape: Sweet and tasty, grape will give you that wholesome fruity flavour you’ve been looking for.



Nitro’s Cold Brew Coffee: Vanilla Bean, White Chocolate Mocha.

  • Vanilla Bean: Rich iced coffee, subtley enhanced with a creamy vanilla bean accent with a hint of sticky caramel. Delicious drink & dessert flavour in one!
  • White Chocolate Mocha: Serving their speciallity white chocolate mocha, perfectly iced rich coffee then combined with a delicious sweet white choc aroma.



Tweleve Monkeys: O-Rangz, Macaraz, Bonogurt.









  • Macaraz: A blend of Fruits and Pastries, consisting of Raspberries, Almonds, and French Macaron. Unusual, yet appetising.
  • Bonogurt: A simple yet favourite flavour among many, featuring a blend of Mixed Berries and Yoghurt.
  • O-Rangz: A blend of Citrus fruits, Lemons, Cereal, and Milk, a fresh and healthy kick with each breath.


Contact us for more information regarding more delicious flavours that are in stock, up and coming, or brand new!




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