Battery Options

Battery Options

There are many different brands and styles of vape batteries, each offering their own advantages and styles. When vaping first started there were two basic standard styles of batteries.


There are batteries modelled directly after cigarettes referred to as ‘cig-a-likes’ because of the familiarity one would have with a cigarette.

These are designed to make the transition from smoking cigarettes to vaping e-cigarettes easier and more comfortable by providing familiarity.

They are small batteries that do not last for very long sessions and many times people own several of these batteries to last them throughout the day.

The ‘filter’ section of the cigalike is a cartomiser that contains the filler material called polyfill with the atomizing coil wrapped around it and is then filled with juice.

These are often meant to be disposed of after use and replaced with a new cartomiser section.

eGo batteries

These vape batteries kept the cylindrical form of cig-a-likes but increased the battery capacity (mAh) substantially, allowing for a more powerful delivery system to be used and increasing the length of time the battery would last.

These batteries introduced what is known as ‘eGo’ threading and are generally referred to as eGo batteries.

They come in several different variations with many different features from several different manufacturers. They range from 450mAh to 2000mAh and beyond.

They have the ability to utilize eGo threaded containers such as cartomisers, cartomiser tanks, and clearomisers. Some eGo batteries are double threaded to also support 510 threaded devices.

Also, some eGo batteries contain a pass-through charger which allows you to connect your battery via USB to any powered USB outlet and enables you to vape while your battery charges! Other eGo batteries are charged using an eGo threaded USB charger.

Variable voltage vape eGo batteries

eGo batteries are continuously evolving.

This style of eGo batteries provides the user with the ability to change the Voltage output of the device by adjusting a dial generally found at the base of the battery via turning it to the desired voltage output level.

Indicated by a coloured line, one can quickly and easily change their voltage on the fly based on what they desire. Higher voltage output generates more heat which in turn will vaporise more juice per draw. This can increase the vapor output and flavour output depending on your juice and voltage setting.

These styles also come in many different levels of mAh and standard eGo charging and pass-through charging variations.

Variable wattage vape eGo batteries

Very similar to Variable Voltage eGo Batteries these provide the ability to change the Wattage output of the battery instead of Voltage.

Voltage measures the pressure, or force, of electricity. The amps of the battery multiplied by the voltage is what gives you the wattage output which is a measurement of the work the electricity does per second.

Higher wattage will, like voltage, also increase the heat output of the atomizer you are using and produce more vapor and stronger flavour – depending on the juice used.

Box mod

This next stage of battery evolution brings us to Box Mods. These devices have many different designs, forms, and capabilities.

They range from being able to hold single batteries to custom box mods that have the ability of holding several.

Unlike eGo style batteries, Box Mods tend to take replaceable batteries though some are made with non-replaceable batteries like the Eleaf iStick.

The most common batteries used in box mods are 18650 batteries though they can range between many different battery sizes.

Box Mods come in two different types. Regulated, and Unregulated.

Some (unregulated) provide no protection and rely on you to follow battery safety and Ohm’s Law. Unregulated mods are advanced devices and should only be used by vapers who understand all of the risks involved and the precautions to take to minimise them. If you do decide to use an unregulated box mod, or any unregulated device please make sure you understand and follow Ohm’s Law for safety!

If the Box Mod you utilize takes two or more batteries you should keep them ‘married’. Never separate them and use them on different devices. This will ensure the power draw and recharge stays equal across the batteries and increase safety levels.

Most regulated box mods have the ability to adjust the Wattage or Voltage on the fly.

The device pictured, like many Box Mods, changes it’s voltage output via the double buttons located by the base. It is also capable of saving 5 pre-set Wattage levels which are changed by pressing the top of the two bottom buttons.

The screen on most Box Mods will read out the current ohm level of the atomizer you are using, the Wattage levels and battery charge level.

The devices generally used in box mods are Sub-Ohm but it is more than capable of utilizing a wide range of Ohm resistances.

Generally used atomisers are: Rebuildable Tank Atomisers, Rebuildable Dripping Atomisers, and Sub-Ohm Clearomisers.

You can also use standard clearomisers with these devices just be sure not to turn the wattage level up too high (Under 10W – can depend greatly on the device you use)!

Mechanical mods

Like all other devices in the vaping industry mechanical mods come in several different styles with varying features and made from many different materials.

Mechanical mods are fully unregulated so please make sure you understand and follow Ohm’s Law for safety! Never build a coil with an Ohm resistance that is too low for your battery!

Mechanical mods come in several different sizes and take replaceable batteries. They also have varying safety features such as battery vent holes, recessed buttons, magnetic buttons, and locking buttons to help prevent misfires when placing the mod down or in your pocket. These safety precautions do not in any way guarantee that the device will not misfire however! These are advanced devices and should only be used by vapers who understand all of the risks involved and the precautions to take to minimise them!

The general structure of a mechanical mod is 3 pieces though this can vary depending on the mod and design it uses. The first piece is the tube, the main body of the mod. Many mods support multiple different sizes of vape batteries and may have tubes that come in pieces which are then screwed together depending on the battery you wish to use.

The second piece is the button, or bottom cap. This houses the spring or magnet, depending on the design, along with a contact pin.

When you press this button it causes the contact pin to make contact with the battery that then pushes the battery inside the tube up and into the third piece referred to as the top cap which houses the 510 threading for the atomiser to connect into and contains a contact pin usually made of copper due to its conductivity. Once the battery touches this pin a full connection is made and the atomiser attached to the top cap fires.